Dragon city and quick start guide

Dragon is the most popular game right now. The game is created by social point, and the players get to pet their dragons to form the most surprising and social creatures. This article will provide a complete guide and walk through of the game.

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Start guide

The game begins with players getting their dragons for breeding. Breeding dragons can be done by hatching a dragon or buying a dragon egg.


Breeding begins when the players select the “breeding option” and then simultaneously clicking the breeding button. Here the users get the option of mating two dragons and then waiting patiently for the dragon egg to hatch.

Level up and evolution

When the players start to feed their dragons, then the dragons will level up. Once they are levelled up, they will be stronger in battle and will able to give the players gold revenue.

Some of the critics complain that dragons need a particular type of food to get stronger, but in reality, there is no truth in this statement.

They only get stronger by simply providing food. Now it has to be noted that each dragon is limited to three evolution. The level starts from 1 and moves to level 4.

Creativity breeding

The main highlight of the game is breeding with different dragons to get the most powerful one.

The players can breed a pure earth dragon with a penguin dragon and move all the way to a majestic dragon. One of the essential things to note here is that there is no female or male dragon in the dragon city.


Certain combinations cannot breed. For instance, the ice dragon cannot mate with a fire dragon. However, there can be certain expectations. For example, an ice dragon can still be able to breed with the laser dragon.

The outcome of these two dragons can form a basic element dragon. Below mentioned are some combinations which are incompatible with each other

  • Dark + water
  • Ice + fire
  • Plant + electric
  • Ice + electric
  • Dark + water
  • Ice + dark


To keep the dragons happy and full of life, the players need to feed the dragons with food and gold. These resources can be provided to the dragons by following a certain way

  • With the help of farming food that is generally found in food farms
  • Collecting some gold from the dragon market
  • Completing missions to earn rewards

Revenue and value indications

Whenever the player does not like a dragon, then they can always sell a dragon. Furthermore, if the player wants to earn some cash, then the player has to breed the dragon properly.

It is advisable to sell a dragon when the player is out of space or when the player needs to earn some money quickly. The intensity of the dragon is directly related to the amount of gold that a player can earn.

For instance, a fire dragon will give the player 37 gold/min, and a water dragon will provide the player 15 gold/min. some of the value indications can be listed as follows

  • Waterfall dragon is estimated as 5000 gold
  • Volcano dragon is estimated as estimated as 1000 gold


After reading this article, the reader will know how captivating this game is and how can he play the game. The above quick start guide will give the reader all the insights are worth knowing for dragon city.